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What is AGO2/Leskres syndrome?

AGO2 (Lessel-Kreienkamp/Leskres) syndrome is a neurological, genetic disorder. Affected individuals may suffer from delayed motor development, seizures, problems speaking and understanding, and cognitive impairment. 

Little is known about this novel, rare disease, which brings no comfort to the affected families. Being told that the prognosis is unclear, that there is no treatment and that nothing much can be done for your child is crushing.

Our mission

We teamed up and founded the AGO2 Association to

We believe in the potential of research and innovation to one day improve the life of not only our children but all children affected by AGO2 (Leskres) syndrome.

To define ultra-rare genetic disorders we need a close interdisciplinary collaboration between patient families/guardians, clinicians, diagnostic and research laboratories.

Davor Lessel, Discoverer of AGO2/Leskres Syndrome