Science & Family Conference 2022

August 24-28 2022, Regensburg, Germany


2022 will see the first ever Argonautes syndrome conference, we are so excited and hope you will join us!

To help us with our planning, please respond to this brief survey. Thank you. If you need to translate it, find how at the bottom of this page.

The syndrome-specific part of the conference is co-organized by AGO2 Association, Dr. Lessel, Prof. Kreienkamp, Dr. Piton (AGO1) and Prof. Meister (Argonaute proteins).

More details and registration to come.

Our goals


Wednesday August 24

Thursday August 25

Friday August 26

Saturday August 27

Sunday August 28


The full conference programme will be available soon.


University of Regensburg. Universitätsstraße 31, 93053 Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg is a beautiful city in Bavaria. Its medieval historic town is a UNESCO heritage site. We recommend you save some time to visit it!

Regensburg can be reached in 1-1.5h from Munich and in 3.5h from Frankfurt.

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University of Regensburg

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Costello Medical

Costello Medical supports our conference communication

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